Hospital and Medical Facilities

SFMI responds to the challenging needs of the healthcare sector by providing design of data center facilities, structured cabling systems, communications systems, electronic security systems and a wide range of acoustical engineering services including environmental impact assessment, pre-and post MRI site assessments, NICU noise control and mitigation design for emergency generator systems.

Our project experience includes the following:

El Camino Hospital, Mountain View, California

  • Replacement Hospital - Structured Cabling Systems & Audiovisual Systems Infrastructure
  • Replacement Hospital - Acoustical Engineering
  • Replacement Datacenter
  • Datacenter Expansion
  • New Datacenter, MDF & MPOE
  • New Oak Building
  • Northwest Area Community Noise Impact Assessment
  • Melchor Pavilion Medical Office Building
  • Outpatient Clinic Building
  • Campus Communications Riser Relocation
  • Central Plant - Cooling Tower Noise Mitigation
  • Central Plant Boiler Fans Noise Control
  • Pneumatic Tube Noise Mitigation - ER, CCU & Central Stores
  • NICU Ambient Noise Control

UC Davis Health System

  • Main Hospital & University Tower Wireless Network
  • Main Hospital and University Tower Telecommunications Rooms
  • Main Hospital and University Tower CATV System
  • Main Hospital and University Tower Fiber Optic Backbone
  • Center for Health and Technology


  • Center For Health Sciences Telemedicine and Prime Facilities Renovation, Telepathology Suite

UC Merced

  • Recreation and Wellness Building

UC San Francisco

  • Parnassus Campus Master Noise Plan
  • Langley Porter MRI
  • Long Hospital Chillers Community Noise Impact
  • Moffit Hospital Cooling Tower Replacement
  • Moffit Hospital MRI
  • Mt. Zion Hospital MRI Replacement

City College, San Francisco, Ocean Campus

  • Student Health Building

Dameron Hospital Addition, Stockton, California

  • Structured Cabling, Acoustics, Electronic Security Systems & Audiovisual Systems

St. Rose Medical Building, Hayward, California

  • Acoustical Engineering

Torrance Memorial Hospital, Education Center, Torrance, California

  • Audiovisual Systems

Guardian Highview Psychiatric Hospital, Oakland California

  • Community Noise Impact Assessment

St. Francis Medical Office Building, San Francisco, CA

  • Audiovisual Systems

Summit Hospital, Oakland, California

  • Outside Plant Communications

Brotman Medical Center/Preferred Medical, Culver City, California

  • MRI Operations Noise and Vibration Assessment

Dr. Sollod Medical Office Expansion, San Francisco, California

  • Communications Infrastructure and Systems

A Women's Place, San Francisco, California

  • Environmental Noise Impact mitigation in Department of Interior registered historic space.

Kaiser Hospital, Santa Clara, California

  • MRI Noise Impact Assessment

RADNet, Inc.

  • Santa Clara Clinic MRI Assessment
  • Walnut Creek Clinic MRI Assessment

Queen of the Valley, West Covina, CA

  • Acoustical Engineering

HOAG Hospital, Newport Beach, California

  • Environmental Acoustics Assessment

Wilbur Medical Complex, Woodland Hills, California

  • Exterior Noise Impact Assessment & Mitigation

Sunset Mental Health, Kaiser Permanente Hospital, Hollywood, California

  • Acoustical Engineering

Kaiser Permanente Hospital, Pediatrics and Intensive Care Unit, Los Angeles, California

  • Acoustical Engineering

Kaiser Permanente Hospital, Crisis Communications Center, West Los Angeles, California

  • Emergency Generator Community Noise Impact

Kaiser Community Hospital, Bellflower, California

  • Emergency Generator Community Noise Impact

Jewish Home For The Aged, Reseda, California

  • Exterior Noise Impact Assessment & Mitigation

Newpark Medical Office Building, Newark, California

  • Acoustical Engineering

Rancho Mirage Medical Campus

  • Environmental Acoustics