Hospital and Medical Facilities

SFMI responds to the challenging needs of the healthcare sector by providing design of data center facilities, structured cabling systems, communications systems, electronic security systems and a wide range of acoustical engineering services including environmental impact assessment, pre-and post MRI site assessments, noise control and mitigation design for emergency generator systems.


Our work in OSHPD facilities includes campuswide structured cabling and Wi-Fi design, data center and NOC design, OR distance medical systems, large group/grand rounds AV presentation rooms, boardroom and conference room AV systems, cable television and IP TV distribution facilities, HIPAA patient/provider acoustic privacy design, masking system design, NICU noise control, central plant and building HVAC noise and vibration control, and design for MRI noise and vibration mitigation.  Our project experience includes the following:

Dameron Hospital Addition, Stockton, California

  • Structured Cabling, Acoustics, Electronic Security Systems & Audiovisual Systems

El Camino Hospital, Mountain View, California

  • Replacement Hospital - Structured Cabling Systems & Audiovisual Systems Infrastructure
  • Replacement Hospital - Acoustical Engineering
  • Behavioral Health Building Replacement
  • Datacenter Expansion
  • New Datacenter, MDF & MPOE
  • Replacement Datacenter
  • New Oak Building
  • Northwest Area Community Noise Impact Assessment
  • Campus Communications Riser Relocation
  • Central Utility Plant - Cooling Tower Noise Mitigation
  • Central Utility Plant Boiler Fans Noise Control
  • Central Utility Plant Upgrade
  • Pneumatic Tube Noise Mitigation - ER, CCU & Central Stores
  • NICU Ambient Noise Control

HOAG Hospital, Newport Beach, California

  • Environmental Acoustics Assessment

Kaiser Permanente Hospital, Pediatrics and Intensive Care Unit, Los Angeles, California

  • Acoustical Engineering

Kaiser Permanente Hospital, Crisis Communications Center, West Los Angeles, California

  • Emergency Generator Community Noise Impact

Kaiser Community Hospital, Bellflower, California

  • Emergency Generator Community Noise Impact

Washington Hospital, Fremont, California

  • Interior Sound Isolation

UC Davis Health System

  • Main Hospital & University Tower Wireless Network
  • Main Hospital and University Tower Telecommunications Rooms
  • Main Hospital and University Tower CATV System
  • Main Hospital and University Tower Fiber Optic Backbone
  • Center for Health and Technology


  • Center For Health Sciences Telemedicine and Prime Facilities Renovation, Telepathology Suite

UC San Francisco

  • Parnassus Campus Master Noise Plan
  • Long Hospital Chillers Community Noise Impact
  • Moffit Hospital Cooling Tower Replacement

Clinics, Outpatient Facilities, Urgent Care and Medical Office Buildings

Our work in medical facilities ranges from the design for provider/patient privacy, sound isolation between providers, environmental and HVAC noise control, structured cabling design, broadband television distribution systems, audiovisual/conferencing systems, provider presentation systems and electronic security systems. Our project experience includes the following:

A Women's Place, San Francisco, California

  • Environmental Noise Impact mitigation in Department of Interior registered historic space.

Bedford Medical Office Building, Beverly Hills, California

  • HVAC Noise Control

City of Berkeley

  • City of Berkeley Mental Health Services

City College, San Francisco, Ocean Campus

  • Student Health Building

El Camino Hospital Campus, Mountain View, California

  • Integrated Medical Office Building
  • Melchor Pavilion Medical Office Building
  • Outpatient Clinic Building

El Camino Hospital Campus, Los Gatos, California

  • Dardanelli Medical Office Building

Jewish Home For The Aged, Reseda, California

  • Exterior Noise Impact Assessment & Mitigation

Guardian Highview Psychiatric Hospital, Oakland California

  • Community Noise Impact Assessment

Newpark Medical Office Building, Newark, California

  • Acoustical Engineering

Rancho Mirage Medical Campus

  • Environmental Acoustics

Queen of the Valley Clinic, West Covina, CA

  • Acoustical Engineering

San Jose State University Student Health Center, San Jose, CA

  • Audiovisual Systems and Electronic Security Systems

Silicon Valley Medical Development, San Jose, CA

  • San Jose Primary & Urgent Care

St. Francis Medical Office Building, San Francisco, CA

  • Audiovisual Systems

St. Rose Medical Building, Hayward, California

  • Acoustical Engineering

Sunset Mental Health, Kaiser Permanente Hospital, Hollywood, California

  • Acoustical Engineering

Torrance Memorial Hospital, Education Center, Torrance, California

  • Audiovisual Systems

UC Merced

  • Recreation and Wellness Building/Student Clinic

Wilbur Medical Complex, Woodland Hills, California

  • Exterior Noise Impact Assessment & Mitigation

MRI Site Assessments and Mitigation Design

On-site measurement of site low frequency vibration for assessment of compatibility with MRI manufacturer criteria.  Design for mitigation of existing site vibration to bring sites into compliance with manufacturer criteria and .

Brotman Medical Center/Preferred Medical, Culver City, California

  • MRI Operations Noise and Vibration Assessment

 Kaiser Hospital, Santa Clara, California

  • MRI Noise Impact Assessment

RADNet, Inc.

  • Santa Clara Clinic MRI Assessment
  • Walnut Creek Clinic MRI Assessment

UC San Francisco

  • Langley Porter MRI
  • Moffit Hospital MRI
  • Mt. Zion Hospital MRI Replacement