Community, Meeting and Senior Centers

For the community, public meeting room and senior center project, SFMI leverages its experience in design of multipurpose room audiovisual systems, engineered indoor and exterior Wi-Fi systems, building wide structured cabling, public address, broadband distribution and electronic security systems systems together with its extensive background in building acoustics.

In addition to its library design work, Smith, Fause and McDonald has enjoyed its role as part of the teams that have designed several of the latest and best loved community centers and senior centers in Northern California, including the following: 

  • City of Burlingame Community Center, Burlingame, California
  • City of Daly City, War Memorial Community Center & John Daly Library, Daly City, California
  • City of Elk Grove, Community and Senior Center, Elk Grove, California
  • City of Fremont, Northgate Senior and Community Center, Fremont, California
  • City of Hollister, Veterans Building, Hollister, California
  • City of Lafayette Library and Community Center, Lafayette, California
  • City of Los Altos Hillview Community Center, Los Altos, California
  • City of Millbrae, Community Center, Millbrae, California
  • City of Milpitas Barbara Lee Senior Center, Milpitas, California
  • City of Mountain View, Community Center, Mountain View, California
  • City of Palo Alto Arts Center Renovation, Palo Alto, California
  • City of Palo Alto Mitchell Park Library and Community Center, Palo Alto, California
  • City of San Francisco, County Fair Building, San Francisco, California
  • City of Pleasant Hill, Community Center, Pleasant Hill, California
  • City of Pleasanton, Veterans Memorial Building, Pleasanton, California
  • City of San Rafael Pickleweed Library and Community Center, San Rafael, California
  • City of San Jose, Roosevelt Community Center, San Jose, California
  • City of San Leandro Senior Center and Emergency Operations Facility, San Leandro, California
  • City of South San Francisco, Library and Park and Recreation Building, South San Francisco, CA
  • City of West Sacramento Community Center, West Sacramento, California
  • City of Woodland Community Center, Woodland, California
  • City of Yorba Linda Public Library and Arts Center, Yorba Linda, California
  • County of Sacramento, Swanston Community Center, Sacramento, California
  • Jewish Community Center, San Francisco, California
  • Levy Family Campus, Los Gatos, California
  • Mid-Penninsula Boys & Girls Club, East Palo Alto Club, East Palo Alto, California
  • Mid-Penninsula Boys & Girls Club, Menlo Park Club, Menlo Park, California
  • University of California, Davis, Student Community Center, Davis, California

Outside of Northern California, SFMI has also been involved in the design of:

  • Tucson Community Center, Tucson, Arizona
  • City of Mesa Community Center, Centennial Hall
Lafayette Library Lower Plaza Level

Lafayette Library & Community Center Lower Plaza Level

Roosevelt Community Center Entry

City of San Jose Roosevelt Community Center