SFMI uses a wide range of tools that permit us to rapidly produce contemporary architectural style contract documents for a wide range of owner and architectural team requirements.

SFMI uses unique database tools, built in Oracle 9 and front-ended with custom applications built in-house to provide analysis and data access, research product alternates, and prepare project opinion of probable construction costs. We supplement in-house analysis tools with a wide range of commercial assessment software packages for detailed analytics in everything from acoustical reverb time and HVAC noise modeling to loudspeaker propagation, fiber optic transmission, communication queuing, and wireless system performance projection.

For drawing production, our staff uses a wide range of contemporary production tools, including in AutoDesk Revit MEP (for BIM Projects), AutoCAD 2019, Visio Enterprise, and SketchUp Pro for schematic design visualization.

SFMI also maintains a significant professional library consisting of reference texts, professional journals, and product files, allowing our engineers to rapidly identify possible mitigation alternatives.